QOS / BOS / Business Metrics /Quality Objectives Training and Implementation

What are Business Metrics?
Some companies refer to their Business Metrics as BOS, QOS or Quality Objectives. These acronyms mean Business or Quality Operating System. These systems are a standardized method of planning, developing, and charting key business goals and objectives (measurables) to better understand organizational performance. Using this information effectively, an organization can assess the effectiveness of actions, gain improvements in key operational areas leading to an enhanced customer satisfaction and improve their bottom line.

Organizations implement Business Metrics with some of the following intentions:

  • Understand process performance
  • Identify and eliminate waste
  • Measure performance against goals
  • Standardize internal information leading to better decision making
  • Team driven actions to issues
  • Develops a systematic approach to monitor, evaluate and identify areas that need assistance in reaching organizational goals and objectives.

Some of the tools we utilize or provide instruction for include: Teambuilding, Problem Solving, SPC, Shop Floor Quality Objectives alignment.