What are MOPs, COPs and SOPs?
We like to develop process maps using the MOPs, COPs and SOPs format. We have found that, using this approach, it is easy for our client to understand and document their core processes using this approach. You will find a downloadable jpg of the process map blow on our Free Facts page.

Management Orientated Processes: These processes are used to administrate and manage your company operations. These processes are a key part of your PDCA (plan, do, check, act) cycle. A few good examples are management review, document control and internal auditing.

Customer Orientated Processes: These are the heart and core of what you do as a business. It begins with R&D/Marketing/Sales and drives thru everything you do to make a product or deliver a service. A few good examples are receiving, scheduling and shipping.

Support Orientated Processes: These are the essential processes that need to take place to enable the MOPs or COPs to operate as planned. A few good examples are calibration, training and maintenance.